Create a better future
with tech-led innovations
Driving impact where it really matters with responsible business practices
Create a better future with tech-led innovations

Driving impact where it really matters with responsible business practices

Economic progress can no longer be separated from sustainability goals. We must recognize and leverage ecosystem interdependencies to proactively create positive change and move forward on the ESG sustainability goals.

Anantharaman Sreenivasan, MD & CEO

The world needs smarter solutions that combine the power of collaborative thinking with new technology to create sustained sustainability and ESG outcomes. At NSEIT, we help our clients leverage technology to adapt to a changing world and focus on what really matters in the long run by prioritizing sustainable development goals. Our approach helps them tackle today’s challenges while laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow.
Partner with NSEIT to embrace sustainability and ESG principles while leveraging technology to create sustained outcomes.

Fueling meaningful change
Building secure, scalable platforms for global financial institutions to catalyze sustainable development, promote inclusion, and drive innovation
Powering global capital markets in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Our tech infrastructure has helped accelerate digital economies, safeguarded trader interests, and championed the ease of doing business.

At NSEIT, we are dedicated to leveraging our expertise and technology to support the realization of sustainable development goals.
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Driving R&D collaboration at scale
Built the Manthan platform for GoI to crowdsource science and technology-based social impact innovation and solutions and develop a framework for future science, innovation, and technology-led growth
Enabling equitable access and fair opportunity
Created an e-Auction platform that helped develop resilient infrastructure for human well-being and supplied sustainable energy to all. The e-Auction platform we developed aims to promote sustainable development by facilitating the procurement of infrastructure projects and sustainable energy resources.
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