How Digital Engineering Can Transform Financial Services Organization
How Digital Engineering Can Transform Financial Services Organization
The Modern Fintech Outlook—Enhanced CX

Fintech has changed the discourse in the BSFI industry from digitalization to experience transformation for customers.

For instance, a German fintech N26 recorded up to 10,000 new accounts being opened in a day despite any unique service proposition.

In the US, 88% of consumers were reported as using fintech services with rising expectations for well-rounded solutions that can address all their needs in one place.

Both exhibitions reflect strongly on how fintechs unlocked growth with customer-centric transformations. Today, evolving customer expectations dictate the rules of fintech.

Learn more about the evolving market trends in fintech in our latest POV—How experience transformation is driving the growth of consumer-centric fintech businesses.

POV highlights at a glance:

  • The shifting value of customer experience (CX) in fintech
  • Technology trends redefining CX
  • The success stories of modern fintechs
  • Championing customer engagement with NSEIT’s chatbot deployment

Download our PoV paper now to explore leading insights and solutions from NSEIT experts


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