Democratize data and Insights

Empower business users with self-service analytics

Democratize data and Insights

Empower business users with self-service analytics

Accelerate time to value
Boost personalization, responsiveness, and efficiencies

To unlock the true value of data, you need to put it in the hands of business users and let them play with it. At NSEIT, we help you reduce IT dependencies and access decision-grade insights faster.

Reports and dashboards

Experience your data through highly visual and interactive reports and dashboards. Glean relevant insights more efficiently.

Data discovery and alerts

Uncover patterns in seemingly unrelated data. Get notifications and alerts for deviations to take appropriate action.

Data predictions

Parse large data sets to forecast likely outcomes.

Decisioning systems

Augment human decision-making with AI-powered assistants. Make it easy to search and access information in natural language.

Make data more accessible
Automated data management and reporting workflow for a leading general insurance company

Consolidated and sanitized data across lines of business and improved insight accessibility through reporting and visualization dashboards.

Delivering powerful data exploration capabilities with Elastic

A strong global partnership and a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Elastic stack enable comprehensive analytics on large data sets.

Our partnerships and capabilities
Curious how analytics can unearth hidden potential in your business?
Insights & information

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