Accelerate your
digital journey
Reimagine your application landscape to amplify outcomes
Accelerate your digital journey
Reimagine your application landscape to amplify outcomes
Trusted cloud
transformation partner
for five out of top ten
private banks in India
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Keep pace with market trends
Develop, modernize, integrate, and automate applications to transform experiences

Growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape demands agility. In order to unleash the true potential of your business, you need to integrate every part of it. We help you engineer a digital-ready application landscape that is built for hyper speed, scale, and innovation.

Recalibrate your digital business with our offerings

Lay the foundations of a business that is built to last
Integrate agility, flexibility, responsiveness, and resilience into your digital core


Develop new apps, upgrade existing ones, and run them anywhere with cloud

Respond faster to business needs at scale while reducing costs

Our Offerings

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Modernized one of the largest securities depositories in the world

Re-engineered the monolithic system into microservices-based architecture

2 Million daily transactions

< 10 milliseconds to process bulk data

> 500 GB of data handled


Architect for the future while bridging the gaps with legacy technology

Design for speed, connectivity, reliability, security, and autonomy

Our Offerings


Built the first stock exchange for a Southeast Asian nation

Fully customizable and configurable trading platform with an agile microservices architecture

30% improvement in NPS

4x faster approvals

11x more transaction

43% shorter time-to-market for new releases around policy changes


Unlock new avenues to drive efficiencies and experience with AI and automation

Identify transformation opportunities and make smarter decisions faster

Our Offerings


Transformed claims processing for a leading life insurer
A highly scalable RPA solution to automate claims processing

~90% improvement in customer satisfaction

65% reduction in errors

80% adherence to turnaround time

Amplify customer experience and engagement, effortlessly.

Design elegant, intuitive, contextual experiences across the user journey

Our Offerings

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Built a digital assistant for a leading financial institution

A custom conversational chatbot to address thousands of daily regulatory queries

40% improvement in NPS

2,000+ person hours saved

30% improvement in operational efficiency

Power your digital transformation initiatives

Harness the power of applications-based solutions that solidify your business foundation and enhance customer experiences 


Simplifying unified collaboration and channel management with a composable low-code platform

Deliver unparalleled digital experiences at breakneck speed with our domain-agnostic, low-code platform – Yugma

Built one of the largest commodity trading platforms in the world

India’s first fully automated e-Auction platform for a state agency

Upgraded the existing manual auction process for commodity trading to a location-agnostic, cloud-hosted platform that could support 5,000 users and 2,50,000+ daily transactions with a 50% decrease in transaction time.

Over 100+ GB of data handled daily with 20% YOY increase in trading of produce

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